In person, or over the telephone, the consultation consists of an in-depth assessment of your health that includes a thorough health history.  Developing a nutrition program tailored to your needs; we work together to address your concerns, establish goals, and transform your life through personalized dietary change.


1asweetLearning what foods are right for you can be challenging, especially when driven by health concerns such as the need for adopting a gluten free diet, regulating blood sugar or improving immune function.  While improvements have been made in labeling laws, food labels are confusing and some are downright deceptive.  I will teach you how to decipher food labels, recommend products, and provide you with ideas for preparing nutrient dense meals.  Empowering you with the knowledge to meet your health goals so that you are prepared to navigate the aisles of the grocery store..


Capello's LasagnaNow that you’ve purchased nutrient dense ingredients you will need to prepare them.   I will teach you the fundamentals of preparing delicious and nutritious meals the whole family will enjoy — breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinners tailored to your specific needs.  Many of my clients lead busy lives and feel overwhelmed by the thought of preparing meals.  For those individuals I can develop meal plans and provide recipes that are nutrient dense but can be prepared quickly.


I am passionate about nutrition and am available for speaking engagements.  Topics include: preparing nutrient dense meals, eating on a budget, healthy eating on-the-go or when traveling, and feeding children for health.  If you are interested in having me speak to your organization, please contact me to discuss your needs.

 Contact me to see if Nutritional Therapy is right for you.


Turning Point Nutrition cannot treat or diagnosis specific illnesses or disorders.  If you suspect you may have an ailment or illness that requires medical attention, you are strongly encouraged to consult with a licensed physician without delay.  Turning Point Nutrition is not a licensed physician and therefore cannot prescribe Rx Medications.  Turning Point Nutrition focuses on education, wellness and prevention of illness so that our clients can achieve optimal health.